Al Kissling who was the Democratic candidate for New Mexico’s 2nd district for the House of Representative wanted to see all people getting along. This is one of the reasons why he pledges to work with the Native American tribes. Even with this stand he was still well behind Republican candid

campaign Kissling focused on improving health care and education for Native Americans. He stated that would fund Indian health care clinics as well as a Head Start program. People all over the country can benefit from these programs especially the Indians.
ate Steve Pearce in the polls. That can could change before the election. There are numerous Native American voters and their support could put Kissling in the lead.
As the center of his
Kissling brought his campaign promises to many cities including Berkley, California, to southern states Arkansas and North Carolina. He even stopped at the town of Gallup. This town is known for an Indian population that drinks a lot of alcohol. He even lived in this area from some time. He was came in contact with many who were suffering from diabetes and saw the need for improved health care. 
If Kissling is elected he will support the reauthorization of the Indian Health Care Improvement Act which tribes have been trying to get Congress to pass for six years. He also wants to set up Habitat for Humanity office in towns such as Gallup. Another promise of Kissling is to provide resources to the local schools especially those with a high Native American population. He feels the Indians have not been represented fairly in the government and their issues need attention as well.
Kissling feels an issue that needs attention is section 1813 of the Energy Policy Act of 2005. This will authorize the study of tribal energy rights. Kissiling feels funding from the government should go directly to the tribes and not pass through other venues. The tribes should also be credited with their help protecting the national boarder and boarder patrol.
Native American veterans are also being overlooked according to Kissling. He wants to make sure all veterans are being taken care of and getting what was promised to them. Though he is retired Kissling still has all the right and privileges of a Presbyterian pastor. He has enough respect for the Native Americans to not impose his own faith on them.
If elected Kissling will be a strong voice for the Native American population on Capital Hill. He will make sure they are respected and honored. The government needs to start paying attention to and taking care of the Native American population.